You probably don’t know, but Mike has been poorly lately.  He has had two operations on his cervical spine and there are some rough days in the recovery process.  One such day came last week when he decided to take himself off to bed in the afternoon.  He was warm and comfortable and Tempy was in the bedroom keeping him company.

As it is the awful fireworks season I decided to take the dogs for their walk early while it was still light and there were fewer chances of bangs and whizzes.

George was happy to have his collar on and his harness on and was bouncing about looking forward to going out.  Tempy was still upstairs.  I called her down and she stayed still long enough to have her collar on, then dashed back up the stairs.  She wouldn’t come down when called so I took her harness up to the bedroom to put it on.  She refused to come back down with me, so I opened the back door and let George out, taking him to the car where he settled himself in.

Calling Tempy several times I eventually had to go back upstairs to fetch her.  She wouldn’t move.

From the bed, Mike said “I wonder if she wants me to go with you?”

I made another unsuccessful attempt at getting her downstairs and into the car, but she just wasn’t going to do it!

Mike finally hauled himself out of his nice warm nest and dressed in ‘going out’ clothes (as opposed to t-shirt and tracksuit bottoms.) When he came downstairs and put his shoes on Tempy bounded outside, straight into the back of the car and sat there happy as anything waiting for her walk.

Mike didn’t actually walk with us, we dropped him off at the pub and then joined him afterward, but it seems as though the lesson for today was:

Nurse Tempy says you won’t get better lying in bed!  Get out there in the fresh air and move about a bit!

I sometimes wonder who’s in charge in our house.

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Read all about our new mini  beast farming venture on the WORMZ  page.

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There have been some changes at Gnomecorner. The chickens have moved back to the far end of the garden and the quails are beside them.




The aquaponics setup has expanded from two tubs on one corner of the pond

aqua 1to a whole array of plants being fed from the nutrients in the pond water.  Also to be seen on the right hand side is the pallet garden.  A hose attachment to the pond pump can be switched on to trickle feed water into this as well.


aquaponics new 2

As with many of our construction projects the design is functional and uncluttered and can use reclaimed timber or cheap decking.  We have recently started experimenting with old pallets for garden projects.  More of this later………aquaponics-i-p-2 aquaponics-i-p-1

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Previously at Gnomecorner.

You may be familiar with our earlier adventures at Gnomecorner. If not, they can be found at:

Please don’t be confused by the upgrade. All future blogs, pictures and stuff will be here at

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Quick Starter

Just as a quick starter to our new blog, a cuteness shower! These are some of the newest quail chicks finding their feet.

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