Aquaponics update

strawbs2News of the Aquaponics.  Things seem to be going really well.  The water in the pod is clear and the fish seem really happy. fish1 We often see spawning behaviour, but so far have not seen any little fish.  Perhaps the big fish eat the eggs or fry.  Our next move might be to put a mesh in at the bottom of the pond so that the eggs drop through and have more of a chance.

Everything is growing well, mint and watercress are taking over, and we’ve just had our second crop of strawberries.

In fact, the strawberries are growing so well in this environment that we have put in another tray and are trying some other varieties.  We have also put in a little Basil plant, although it was a supermarket ‘Living Herbs’ one.  It is struggling, but still there and has produced enough to put a bag in the freezer for later in the year.  Perhaps growing it from seed in the aquaponics environment would give it a better chance.  We shall see……….the experiments continue.