Where the ideas begin

ideasWe are a real “what happens if….?” outfit, here at Gnomecorner.  Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, but if you don’t experiment you never find out.

Here we are, trying out an idea for an indoor aquaponics setup to use the water from our indoor fish tank to feed pretty flowering plants and filter the water at the same time.

We are using a small pump sold to power an indoor water fountain and a trickle watering system from a local garden centre.  The water is pumped out of the fish tank (represented at the moment by the blue tub) through the clay pebbles where the plants live, then just downhill siphoned back into the tank.  It seems to be OK in the prototype at the moment, except that  the hose keeps slipping off the pump, but that’s easily sorted by a little cable tie!

All we need now is the right kind of support for it next to the fish tank indoors, and maybe some more flowers.