Mrs Mog’s Big Adventure

homeHere we have Pixie, aka Mrs. Mog or Pest, depending on what she’s been up to.  As previously explained, she is very old and frail and we suspect, suffering from some kind of feline Alzheimer’s Disease in that she can sit and stare at her food bowl as though she is wondering why she is there!

She is now a Facebook Celebrity on our local ‘Mexborough Then and Now’ page, as I had to put up a post saying  “Has anyone seen our cat?”  We had left her in the garden when we took the dogs for their evening walk and later that evening she was nowhere to be seen, having gone walkabout.

I was very upset because I thought she’d done the cat thing of wandering off to find somewhere to die.  Mike took the big torch to look around in the front garden, and the neighbour’s garden, and even took Tempy out to see if she could track the cat down, but to no avail.

The next morning I put the post on FB, and within a short time had several replies that led me to a near neighbour who said she had found the cat wandering, taken her in and fed her and that the RSPCA had collected her that morning.

A few phone calls later, we found that she had gone to a vet in Sheffield and were able to go and get her.  They were very concerned about her condition, but as I had taken her to our vets only three weeks ago, that was quickly resolved.

The picture above is of her tucking in to her first meal at home as though nothing had happened!

Three cheers for the power of Facebook in these situations and grateful thanks to all the lovely caring neighbours who responded to the post.

Unfortunately now, though, someone has to supervise the cat each time she goes out to make sure she doesn’t just wander off again!