A New Venture.

For anyone squeamish about wriggly things, look away now!

Our new venture is to provide a sustainable, renewable and inexpensive food source for chickens, quails and fish.  So we have embarked upon mealworm farming.  Presently only a mini farm, in line with our current situation as a micro holding, but with ideas of expansion.wormhome-1We started with three tubs for £5 with a small handful in each, then transferred them into the high-rise apartments above.  They have made themselves thoroughly at home in a substrate of porage oats with the occasional slice of apple, cucumber and potato as a water source.wormz-1If you listen carefully you can hear them munching.  After a while they pupate and are transferred to the penthouse suite.

pupaeIn two or three weeks they will emerge as little black beetles and will then be moved to more spacious quarters with a mesh floor where they can mate and lay eggs to their hearts content until they pass on to the great beetle home in the sky.  Because they are cannibalistic parents and will eat eggs, progeny and pupae, the eggs are collected in a tray under the mesh floor and tenderly cared for elsewhere by yours truly.  Yes, I’m going to be a worm Mum!  Sadly (for the worms) they are destined to be high protein feed for the rest of my cherished children.  The lucky ones will be kept for further breeding.

More news when the beetles hatch.